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We bought a bus (a few months ago)

Wow this is extremely delayed and overdue, let's catch up!

We bought a bus! Hopefully this is not a surprise to most of you! I thought I (Lauren) would take the time to explain why before this baby girl in my belly decides to make her grand appearance!

A few months ago (January) our doctor that was seeing me for some issues I had with my spleen last year recommended us coming home to the states to have this baby girl. It threw us for a loop as we were adjusting to life overseas. We had lived on the Arabian Peninsula for a year, and we finally felt like we were at home.

Due to the recommendation of the doctor we flew home to Birmingham to have baby girl #2, despite our best efforts at being seen in our home city (in the middle east). We had some really hard goodbyes, packed up a bunch of boxes (because our lease was up in our apartment) and headed home.

For the past few months on the peninsula I would send pictures of schoolies to Van on instagram. They were beautiful! I would joke about the day when maybe we would be able to buy a bus and convert it into a tiny house. I never imagined we'd have at least 6 months at home in the states to work on and convert a bus into a tiny house.

As many of you know, Van is not the type of person who can just sit still for 6 months, so we joked around for a little bit about building a skoolie, then...we bought a bus!

We started drawing out plans, taking seats out, picking out skylights, and boom now we are here:

The best way for you to follow along on this journey of converting the bus into a tiny house is on Instagram! You can find us at @thearrowanglers

We have some VERY EXCITING partnerships in place for this bus that we can't wait to share with you!


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