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The secret life in an RV

He falls asleep with his hand on my leg and our toes touching.

always and forever

We had a king size bed, not just a king size bed a C A L I F O R N I A king size bed. Every giant’s dream-yes we are giants (5’11” and 6’3”)!

And now we sleep on a queen right next to our daughter!

What’s the biggest learning curve? Learning to make the uncomfortable comfortable and normal.

Nobody told us to go from a king to a queen, because nobody would have recommended that! But it has been the best little cherry on top of living in a small space, bringing us closer together in our tiny home.

You don't realize how far apart you are until you are really close together.

Has anyone ever said that before?!

I didn't realize that with more space comes more space, physically and emotionally. Being close together has woven our faults and our sins so closely together that we cannot escape with out apologies and forgiveness. LOTS and lots of forgiveness. After all, where would we escape to? Our house is one room!

But before you say "yeah yea yea" ask yourself how sharing a one room house would challenge you and your marriage? Instead of escaping to another room when you get angry with each other take a deep breath, find thanks for something in your life, then respond as if that is the last time you will see that person that's in front of you.

How would you respond? Probably with grace. You would ask for forgiveness, be quick to admit fault, willing to submit to one another in love, knowing that could be the last conversation you have with your spouse.

Life is flying by and we find ourselves wishing and hoping for more little moments together, so when sin robs us of the joy in moments together we fight to remember we only get one shot at it.

Be quick to forgive today and every day.



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