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Navigating full-time RV life for beginners

“There’s just some things you don’t understand until you live in one.”

He was convinced I wouldn’t enjoy living in a trailer. There’s leaks, things stop working, the AC goes out, the shower overflows, you run out of hot water, it smells in the trailer. The list goes on.

The good thing is, if you go into full time RV living with open hands, an open heart, and an open mindset, you will love it!

If you have the expectation that it will be easy, that things don’t go wrong, that every day is perfect YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED.

Full time RV life is NOT for everyone. I’d like to think only the strong survive, but truly I believe only the adaptable survive.

So it’s your first night spending the night in the RV. It isn’t stabilized properly and there happens to be a pretty intense wind storm going on. **cue the tears** the intimidation factor is at 100%.

It’s 2 am, the baby is crying-this is not what you expected but it’s what you’ve chosen.

So how do you survive?

You adapt. Retrain your mind.

This is your home whether it’s the ideal in that current moment or not. You have a roof (sorta) over your head, you’re with the people you love-even though you wish they weren’t awake-and your breathing.


It was God’s original plan for helping us fight discontentment.

So as a beginner, enter into the full time Rv world with a willingness to rejoice in the trials that come your way.

If your AC goes out, go to a lake for the day. Or go buy a cheap kiddy pool and sit in it all day!

If your trailer stinks, light a candle, open the window, plug in your diffuser and tune it out.

If your neighbors are more noisy than you imagined, go introduce yourself and join the fun, or turn on some music and have some fun of your own!

Don’t be discouraged when something goes wrong, be thankful for the things that are right and message another full time RV person for help on how to fix your problem!

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