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So you want to buy an RV?

Updated: Feb 8, 2018

So you want to buy an RV, Fifth wheel, tiny home, etc.

10 Steps to finding the PERFECT home for YOU

1. Why an RV?

Decide what you will be using your RV for. Are you going to live in it, just use it for the weekends? Is this going to be a second home/vacation home? Are you going to spend every waking moment in it or will you use it 4 times a year?

Before you buy an RV you need to know what your game plan is as far as time spent in it.

2. Set a budget

We start here because you cannot go very far until you have decided how much money will you spend. Choose a budget that feels comfortable for your family. There are RV's for almost every budget.

3. Choose what type of RV

Are you wanting something you can drive around in? Do you have a truck to pull a fifth wheel? Do you have a car that can support a travel trailer? How long do you want to stay in one place?

There are so many different types of recreational vehicals/trailers. Take your time researching the different types. I recommend starting on a website like so you can compare different types of recreational vehicles.

4. Choose your must-haves

Are you wanting to sleep many people or just your family? Do you love cooking and need a rear kitchen space or do you love watching TV and would like a bigger living space? Choose what is important to you. Are you minimizing your wardrobe or will you still need a walk-in closet?

5. Are you down to renovate?

Decide whether you have time to renovate the RV. To what extent will you renovate it? Are you thinking just new paint or a total rehaul. Remember the time of the year can affect whether you will be able to completely rehaul the RV.

6. Find a brand you like

As with most large purchases you are going to want to do some research on brands. Luckily we've done some of that research for you - check out our blog post on our favorite RV brands.

7. Decide where to buy

You'll always get better deal from a private seller vs. big box store. The disadvantage to private sellers is you never know who you are really buying from, what issues the camper may have had or does have, etc.

The easiest option is to drive up to a camping world, buy a brand new RV, and drive away with something your bank owns.

8. Consider where will it be parked

Will you be at an RV park, on someone's land, in the mountains or at the beach? You must first decide where you will park the RV before you can decide which RV is right for you. Some RV's are made to stand the winter of Alaska, and some you would only want to stay in during the middle of summer 70 degrees and warmer.

9. You want slideouts?

The classic airstream vs. a modernized fiberclass shell with power slide-outs. Airstreams have taken the RV market by storm (again). Renovating old airstreams has become a common fee

10. What type of space inspires you?

Although interiors are easy to change, consider what you are looking for on the inside. Do white walls drive you crazy? Do dark walls make the RV feel too small? Keep in mind the work required to renovate (even just painting) and try to find something you love from the get go!

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