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DIY Couch Bed

When we moved to Louisville we knew we would be here temporarily, so we didn't want to spend the money to buy a couch. Plus, we wanted a place for Piper's grandparents to come and stay when they came to visit.

ENTERRRRR...the couch bed! I saw a few ideas on Pinterest and decided to see if I could make it work in our space!

So I went and bought a king size white comforter that would fit over our queen size bed.

I safety pinned it onto the couch so it would stay and not move around.

Then I also purchased some oversize pillows to line against the wall so it would have more of a couch feel. You'd be surprised how many people choose to sit here when they are over at our house! It's so comfy and so easy to fall asleep on ;)

For the box I bought some fabric from Hobby Lobby that would go with our navy and white theme. I cut the fabric so that it was wide enough to wrap around both sides of the box and used a staple gun to staple it to the box. I didn't cover the staples because I knew that the mattress would cover the staples.

And there you have it!

I just put the sheets directly over the safety pinned comforter and then put another white comforter (queen size) on the bed when people come and stay!

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