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So where in the world are the Joneses?

Updated: Feb 8, 2018

Where we were:

When we first moved to Kentucky, it was from Birmingham, AL to Lexington to work on a construction project. There was no way of predicting that we would fall in love with the people there and the church we were going to. They asked us to change our plans from leaving the state to moving down the road to Louisville to help plant a church. After prayer and consideration, Van was able to leverage his way to another project in Louisville within the same company in order to help plant the new church.

Where we are:

We are currently living in a one bedroom apartment in Louisville, Kentucky. We have about one month left before we move into our fifth wheel! Yes, this means we have ONE MONTH to renovate our fifth wheel and move in!

Where we are going:

Both of us have had a strong desire to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth, specifically unreached peoples, for some time. Van left his lucrative career in construction in May 2015 to work with Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters, a Gospel-driven high-adventure recreation ministry that eventually led him to South Sudan. While in Sudan for 4 months, he helped an IMB team train church planters in the bush. It was there that the Lord tugged on his heart to focus his main efforts on reaching these lost people that have no access to Jesus. I (Lauren) have wanted to go overseas to be a missionary since college and have wet my feet (so-to-speak) in expat life in Haiti, Nepal, and Jordan. It is Jesus that told His followers they would be fishers of men, and it is our hope we are strategically sent out as aggressive fishers (of men)... or Arrow Anglers.

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