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Our little one bedroom apartment

So here we are in our little one bedroom apartment. When we first were looking into moving to Louisville we were on the hunt for a three bedroom HOUSE! Yes a house. Shortly after thinking of moving to Louisville though we found out the housing market was OUTRAGEOUS.

Houses that had been bought in the summer of 2016 were selling for 20-30,000 more in the summer of 2017! We really didn't want to make an unwise decision because we felt we needed a home to bring our baby home to. So we agreed on renting until our plans were clear, and/or the Lord opened the door to owning a home.

Here are some little snippets of our home here in Louisville. As you can tell these photos were taken in different seasons of life here.

Our make-shift couch bed and a DIY for the makeshift couch here:

Our bedroom (obviously an old pic!)

Changing table/daddy playing with Piper while she was supposed to be winding down!

Piper sleeping in her bassinet

Our make-shift couch/bed :)

Piper's bassinet (she slept in until she was about 6 weeks old)

Our essential oil wall in our bedroom!

Piper's closet nursery

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