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DIY organic wood baby gym

We saw these beautiful organic wood baby gyms on Etsy and so badly wanted to register for one, but could not imagine someone paying $80+ for a little wooden toy for our baby. So I showed Van a picture and said, "if I can figure out how to make the needs and such that are hanging from this could you make the wooden part?!" He gladly obliged.

I took these how to photos after it was made but I think my description will help you.

Tools you will need:

Step 1:

Cut the wood into FOUR two feet long pieces

Step 2:

Diagonally cut the wood on one end on all 4 pieces at the same angle (depending on how much you want your gym legs to be spread out.

Step 3:

Drill 5/8" holes about 1.5 inches from the opposite end than where you cut diagonally

Step 4:

Drill smaller holes (maybe .25") about 6-8 inches up from the diagonal cut on all four pieces. This is where you will tie the string so that it stands up.

Step 5:

If dowel is too long cut it shorter to desired width for baby gym. As you can see ours is about 2.25'

Step 6:

Make the beaded "dangly things"

  1. Tie the string onto the larger ring

  2. knot the string on like so tying as many knots as needed

  3. thread the needle

  4. start putting beads on string

  5. tie either another ring on the final end, or tie a toy or other wooden bead

Step 7:

Put it all together! Put the dowel in the holes at the top of two of the pieces of wood making sure the diagonal cuts are opposing each other (the bottoms of the diagonal cuts will be on the floor). String some of your "dangly things" onto the dowel Then place the other legs of the gym on the other end (again making sure the diagonal cuts are opposing each other).

You will want to stand the gym up and see how tall you would like it/where it seems most stable depending on your diagonal cuts.

Step 8:

String your yarn/or rope through the bottom holes on one side of the gym. Make sure you knot it well and put the knot on the outside of the gym. Then string the other side in the bottom hole and tie a knot on the opposite side (we did this incorrectly). One knot should be facing the inside of the gym and one knot should be facing the outside.

Make sure the rope is tight as this is one holds the legs out and keeps them strong so it doesn't fall down on your little one.

There you have it! A cute little foldable baby gym that I personally think is super aesthetically pleasing for a baby toy ;)

Checkout the next blogpost to see how to make your own pacifier clip/holder.



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