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Closet Nursery?

We had a choice when we moved into these apartments:

Pay a lot of money for a one bedroom apartment


Pay a lot more money for a two bedroom apartment

After walking through the apartments we realized the one bedroom apartment had a huge closet! We were really excited to see how we could make our small space work with a new little one and try to save some money!

Almost 10 months later and you know it's going well because we are realizing how BIG our space is-ready to downsize!

We have moved the crib around a lot to try to find the perfect spot, we also experimented with where to hang out beautiful tapestry/blanket my brother and sis-in-law bought Piper! Plus, Piper's clothes are in the top drawers of our dresser, and her changing pad is on top of our dresser (I also have this pictured!

It's about 800 square feet, and the closet is about 8'x6' so without further due, I present to you our gender neutral closet nursery:

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